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George Swies Promoted to Custom Air Products & Services

CAPS Business Services Division Continues to Grow December 6, 2018, Taylor Norris, CEO of Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. (CAPS), announced the promotion of George Swies to Commercial Maintenance Supervisor. “We are so excited about George and the value he brings to this company and more importantly to the clients we serve,” explained CAPS […]


When Reliability Meets Innovation – Custom Air Products and Services

With a history of 24 years in the HVAC Industry. CAPS offers customers the latest technology in HVAC Systems! Our reliable staff and technicians are standing by to help with all your HVAC needs. Contact Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. (CAPS) with questions, 713-460-9009. RESOURCES #heating #heatingsystem #preventivemaintenance #efficiencytesting #customhvac #customair #hvacreplacement #explosion #industrialcooling […]


CAPS Offers Custom Air Purification Systems

AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEMS (CAPS-H16) Providing Air Quality Solutions for a Cleaner Tomorrow AIR QUALITY CHALLENGES Slow the transmission of airborne contaminants to reduce potential spread Reduce viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and particles TECHNOLOGY THAT LEADS THE INDUSTRY UV-C Light Technology UV-C changes the RNA/DNA structure of pathogens and can kill airborne influenza viruses Designed to […]


CAPS Rolls Out Vertical Custom Air Purification System

AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEMS (CAPS-V16) Building on our successful launch of our first Custom Air Purification System, the CAPS-H16, we have added the CAPS V16 to our arsenal. These two options bring “Best in Class” to a capacity of 96,000 CFH from a 120/1/60 outlet. Incorporate Industry Leading Technology in HEPA filtration and UVC emitters. These […]


Larry Novak Transitions to Semi-Retirement at Custom Air Products & Services

Houston, TX, September 14, 2020 — Taylor Norris, CEO Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. (CAPS), today announced that Larry Novak, formerly Vice President of Engineering, has transitioned into a semi-retirement role at CAPS. “On behalf of CAPS Management, I want to thank Larry for his significant contributions and impact in advancing CAPS’ position within […]

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