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Google Rolls Out “AI Core” Update For Pixel 8 Pro Devices

Google has initiated the deployment of its inaugural AI Core update for Pixel 8 Pro users, introducing a new application aptly named AI Core. This app, as described on the Google Play Store, serves as the powerhouse behind various Android features, supplying apps with the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) models. It is worth mentioning that […]


Google Unveils Pixel 8 And Pixel 8 Pro: 7 Years Of Updates And Tensor G3 SoC

Google has introduced its latest smartphone models, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, featuring notable hardware and software updates. These devices are designed with a focus on sustainability, as they include casings made from 100% recycled aluminum. In terms of design, they closely resemble their predecessors, with the most significant change being the consolidation […]


Google Maps Updates Enhance Navigation And AI Integration On Android And iOS

Google Maps, the dominant player in the navigation and mapping field, continues to evolve with a series of innovative updates that enhance the user experience and expand its capabilities. Here’s a breakdown of some of the new features and improvements. New Map Colors: Google recently introduced a visual overhaul of Google Maps, updating the color […]


Google To Delete Inactive Accounts: How To Keep Yours Active

Google is set to delete millions of Gmail, Drive, and Photo accounts in December as part of a security measure to protect users. The initiative aims to address the vulnerability of inactive accounts, which may rely on outdated or reused passwords and lack two-factor authentication. Ruth Kricheli, VP of Google’s product management, highlighted in a […]


Google Store Black Friday 2023: Pixel 8 Pro At $799, $400 Off Pixel Fold, And More

The Google Store in the US is set to launch its Black Friday 2023 discounts a week ahead of Thanksgiving, starting on November 16. The spotlight of these promotions revolves around the Pixel 8 and Pixel Fold. The Pixel Fold, Google’s foldable device, sees a substantial $400 discount, bringing the price of the 256GB model […]

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