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CAPS Offers Custom Air Purification Systems

AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEMS (CAPS-H16) Providing Air Quality Solutions for a Cleaner Tomorrow AIR QUALITY CHALLENGES Slow the transmission of airborne contaminants to reduce potential spread Reduce viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and particles TECHNOLOGY THAT LEADS THE INDUSTRY UV-C Light Technology UV-C changes the RNA/DNA structure of pathogens and can kill airborne influenza viruses Designed to […]


Motorola Offers Big Discounts On Flagship Phones Ahead Of Black Friday

Motorola has made a significant impact in 2023 with its impressive lineup of smartphones, and now, as Black Friday approaches, they are offering substantial discounts on their flagship devices starting November 10th. These deals are expected to garner considerable attention from consumers looking for high-quality phones at reduced prices. The highlight of the Motorola deals […]

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