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CAPS Rolls Out Vertical Custom Air Purification System

AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEMS (CAPS-V16) Building on our successful launch of our first Custom Air Purification System, the CAPS-H16, we have added the CAPS V16 to our arsenal. These two options bring “Best in Class” to a capacity of 96,000 CFH from a 120/1/60 outlet. Incorporate Industry Leading Technology in HEPA filtration and UVC emitters. These […]


Google Rolls Out “AI Core” Update For Pixel 8 Pro Devices

Google has initiated the deployment of its inaugural AI Core update for Pixel 8 Pro users, introducing a new application aptly named AI Core. This app, as described on the Google Play Store, serves as the powerhouse behind various Android features, supplying apps with the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) models. It is worth mentioning that […]

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