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George Swies Promoted to Custom Air Products & Services

CAPS Business Services Division Continues to Grow December 6, 2018, Taylor Norris, CEO of Custom Air Products & Services, Inc. (CAPS), announced the promotion of George Swies to Commercial Maintenance Supervisor. “We are so excited about George and the value he brings to this company and more importantly to the clients we serve,” explained CAPS […]


Robert Martin Promoted to CAPS Product Support Manager

The CAPS Team Continues to Expand Robert Martin(LT), Reagan Norris(RT) We are proud to announce that Robert Martin has recently accepted the position as CAPS Product Support Manager effective October 2, 2019.Robert earned his HVAC mechanical certification from West Valley, California. After many years of achievements in and out of the field Robert joined CAPS […]


Benefits of Home Humidifiers in Kananella Summit, NC

Are you waking up most mornings feeling like you’re catching a cold? The problem can be low humidity or lack of humidity in the air. It can happen in the winter when the cold air dries out your sinuses. Adding insult to injury, some heating systems dry out the air inside. Or it can happen […]


CAPS is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Keys as Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Mark Keys, CAPS, CPA, CFO Keys Joins CAPS Management Team Mark joins CAPS with over 40 years as a Certified Public Accountant with various public and private firms. Mark received his Bachelor of Business Administration, specializing in Accounting from the University of Houston. Mark will be reporting to Taylor Norris, the Chief Executive Officer of […]


How Often Should You Schedule a Professional AC Check?

Your air conditioner is an integral system in your home. During the hot Browns Summit, NC, summers, trying to get by without air conditioning makes for an uncomfortable season. Not only that but not having a working air conditioner during these months can be dangerous for you and your loved ones. With that in mind, […]


Why You Shouldn’t Skip Summer AC Maintenance

Summer is on its way with warmer temperatures, making it crucial to prepare with regular AC maintenance. Once the heat intensifies, the significance of keeping your AC in top shape becomes undeniable. The longer you wait to schedule an HVAC tune-up, the stronger the chances are that your AC system will struggle during the height […]

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