Motorola Offers Big Discounts On Flagship Phones Ahead Of Black Friday

Motorola Offers Big Discounts On Flagship Phones Ahead Of Black Friday

Motorola has made a significant impact in 2023 with its impressive lineup of smartphones, and now, as Black Friday approaches, they are offering substantial discounts on their flagship devices starting November 10th. These deals are expected to garner considerable attention from consumers looking for high-quality phones at reduced prices.

The highlight of the Motorola deals is the 2023 version of the Motorola Edge, which has seen a substantial price drop. Originally priced at $600, this Android smartphone is now available for just $349.99, marking a 42% reduction and the lowest price ever recorded for the device. Its 6.6-inch curved pOLED display with a high refresh rate of 144Hz, a MediaTek Dimensity 7030 SoC, 68W fast charging, and IP68 certification, make it an attractive choice for tech enthusiasts.

Its larger counterpart, the Edge Plus 2023 (check out our hands-on of this device), is also on sale for $100 less than its usual price. With a 25% discount, it can be purchased for only $599.99.

It will be possible to buy the Motorola Edge Plus (2023) for only $599.99.

For those interested in flip phones, the Motorola Razr (2023) is already an affordable option at $700. However, a generous $200 discount brings the price down to just $499.99. The most substantial discount can be found on the Razr Plus 2023, a device for which we also have a hands-on article, which is now available for $300 less at only $699.99.

The Motorola RAZR Plus will be offered for only $699.99.

These deals are set to draw considerable interest, and they will be available at various retailers, including,, and Best Buy — but remember that they will only start next Friday.  If you’re in the market for other Motorola phones, the discounted models also include:

  • Motorola Edge 2023 ($250 off; $349.99),
  • Moto G 5G 2023 ($70 off; $179.99),
  • Moto G Stylus 5G 2023 ($150 off; $249.99),
  • Moto G Stylus 2023 ($50 off; $149.99),
  • Moto G Power 5G 2023 ($100 off; $199.99),
  • Moto G Play 2023 ($70 off; $99.99).

These deals offer consumers an excellent opportunity to acquire cutting-edge smartphones at considerably reduced prices, making the upcoming Black Friday a compelling time to invest in Motorola’s flagship devices. So, did you already pick yours? 

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