A Few IAQ Tips to Prepare for Cold and Flu Season

A Few IAQ Tips to Prepare for Cold and Flu Season

With cold and flu season upon us, maintaining high indoor air quality is a key layer of protection. Along with reducing airborne diseases, improving IAQ delivers even more benefits such as better air flow and a better sense of comfort. Custom Air Systems Inc and our air quality specialists will be more than happy to help you learn more about the specific strategies that indoor air quality services have to prevent the spread of cold or flu. With the right combination of services and equipment, you can address your specific IAQ concerns for years to come.

Don’t let the cold and flu season compromise your health. Try these 5 tips to make sure your indoor air is ready for winter. To schedule an appointment, call Custom Air Systems Inc at 772-247-2283 today.

Five Tips for Protecting Your Indoor Air Quality During Cold and Flu Season

1. Try a UV Germicidal Lamp

Ultraviolet germicidal lamps target microorganisms that help spread diseases such as the flu. The bacteria and similar organic particles are deactivated in strong ultraviolet light, preventing them from lowering the impact on your air quality.

2. Balance Your Humidity with a Humidifier/Dehumidifier

Too much or too little humidity can create problems with your air quality. For example, dry air can irritate your skin or sinuses, while moist air can foster the growth of mold and mildew. A humidifier or dehumidifier keeps your home’s humidity in better balance for a more comfortable environment.

3. Wash or Change Your Air Filters Regularly

Your HVAC system’s air filter is a vital component to both air quality and overall comfort. If you neglect to clean or replace it, you may notice a decrease in performance. Dirty air filters can become blocked, allowing more airborne particles to spread. Specially designed models such as HEPA filters can be beneficial for households with allergies or other respiratory problems.

4. Keep an eye on your IAQ using a Smart Thermostat

Today’s HVAC accessories can help you better monitor your home’s air quality. Smart thermostats are a great example, and they come loaded with useful features to further improve your HVAC system. This includes monitoring your air quality.

5. Book an Air Quality Test with Custom Air Systems Inc

Sometimes, poor air quality can be more difficult to identify. Experienced technicians have the right tools and knowledge to perform detailed air quality testing. With local experts like Custom Air Systems Inc. on your side, you can detect pollutants, circulation issues and other consequences of poor indoor air quality.

Request Your Indoor Air Quality Appointment this Cold and Flu Season

Having problems with cold or flu does not have to be a regular problem. Consider making an appointment with the friendly HVAC experts at Custom Air Systems Inc. Our team of indoor air quality specialists and their experience with the right products is the ideal combination to improve your air quality this winter. Call 772-247-2283 to get started!

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