Your 2024 Lennox Winter Promo

Your 2024 Lennox Winter Promo

Is next year the year of a new, high efficiency Lennox furnace? With help from the Lennox Winter Promo, a new HVAC installation is an excellent investment. And when you find the ideal make and model, it’s an investment you’ll enjoy for many years

As your trusted team of heating specialists, Custom Air Systems Inc. boasts a reputation for expert furnace installation in Port St. Lucie. We use our extensive experience to help you find brands and features that offer improved performance. And with the Lennox Winter Promo you can also see bigger and better savings! But don’t delay, as this offer only lasts until February 2, 2024. Take a look at some of the details below and call Custom Air Systems Inc at 772-247-2283 when you want to claim your free, no obligation quote for your 2024 oven!

Exploring the Cost of a New Furnace

As with any utility system, you should consider everything that makes up the total cost of a new furnace. These factors are often:

  • Furnace Size: Larger, multi-story homes should install a more powerful furnace to evenly heat the entire property. A certified HVAC professional understands how to size your furnace based on your exact heating needs.
  • Energy efficiency: Furnaces of higher efficiency deliver heat more evenly, reducing energy use without loss in comfort. Higher performance means higher cost, but lower energy use means lower monthly bills. You’ll love how much this can add up!
  • Features: Furnaces with the newest features such as compatibility with smart thermostats are usually a little more expensive up front. Don’t forget, however, that these modern innovations can make controlling your HVAC system much easier.

The main takeaway is that getting a new heating system is about more than the initial cost – including living costs is just as important. Finally, you don’t want to wait until your current furnace is on its last leg. Proper timing of furnace replacement ensures that you are not wasting money on repair costs for the older, less efficient model.

Upgrade Your Fun: Benefits of Making the Switch

Investing in a new furnace can provide much more for you and your home than just reliable heat. High efficiency equipment can offer other benefits such as:

  1. Efficient energy use translates into lower monthly utility bills: Modern ovens are subject to rigorous energy efficiency standards, which help lower your monthly bills.
  2. More robust performance with features like variable speed motors: Variable speed motors can adjust their performance to use minimum energy for the desired temperature.
  3. Compatibility of smart home accessories: Newer furnaces can communicate with smart home accessories such as a smart thermostat, which opens up new possibilities for managing your HVAC system more conveniently.
  4. Improved indoor air quality with better filter designs: The more effective your furnace air filter is, the better your indoor air quality will be. Air quality is another important part of comfort, and filters reduce allergens or pollutants.

Start 2024 on a High Note with Custom Air Systems Inc and a New Furnace Installation

Improving the comfort and efficiency of your home is easier than it used to be. With some help from Custom Air Systems Inc, all you have to do is let us know what you need from your furnace. Our team of skilled technicians will hold it until we find and set you up with the oven that meets those needs.

Interested in starting the new year on a more relaxed note? Request your complimentary quote for a new furnace installation today, and remember to take advantage of the Lennox Winter Promo.


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