How Often Should You Schedule a Professional AC Check?

How Often Should You Schedule a Professional AC Check?

Your air conditioner is an integral system in your home. During the hot Browns Summit, NC, summers, trying to get by without air conditioning makes for an uncomfortable season. Not only that but not having a working air conditioner during these months can be dangerous for you and your loved ones. With that in mind, it only makes sense that you want your AC to work when it needs to. Maintenance plans help ensure that it works now and will work in the future.

Frequency of Tune-ups

To maximize your investment, your air conditioning and heating units should be inspected at least once a year. Your air conditioner should be checked in the spring, before its heavy summer use, and your heating unit should be checked in the fall, before the colder months.

Why You Should Have Your AC Tune Up Annually

It’s worth asking why your air conditioning unit should be inspected every year. Maybe that sounds too often. Maybe you think it’s not often enough. With [contact_name], you can set up an annual maintenance plan that takes the stress out of scheduling and remembering dates for you. Here are the reasons why you should have an annual AC upgrade:

Know the Condition of Your AC Unit

Surprises can be fun. Sometimes, they are less. One example of when a surprise is not pleasant is when you have gone without turning on your AC, only to find that it is not working on a hot day when you need it. Scheduling an annual AC upgrade with one of our HVAC technicians ensures that you won’t be greeted with an unwanted surprise when you turn on your AC in the summer. Our technicians will catch any problems, so you can be sure your AC works when you turn it on. We also find minor problems that may not be causing an issue yet but could lead to an expensive repair if not addressed. Our experts also clean all parts and components, change filters, and do everything necessary to ensure your AC keeps you comfortable.

Extend The Life Of Your AC

Air conditioning is an expensive investment, so you want it to last as long as possible. Scheduling annual upgrades keeps all parts of your AC system in tip-top shape, minimizing wear and tear. Your air conditioner will likely last for years longer than it would without regular maintenance. An annual tune-up also helps to avoid the large cost of a new system.

Keep Your Warranty

Your air conditioning unit has a warranty that gives you insurance against problems. However, this guarantee depends on the system being regularly maintained by a licensed professional. By having annual upgrades carried out by one of our team members, you maintain your system warranty so you are covered if problems occur.

Establish a Relationship

An important reason for having a scheduled annual tune-up for your air conditioner is to establish a relationship with an HVAC company. Establishing this type of relationship and having your HVAC system inspected annually is smart. One of the reasons for this is that you end up with a company that knows your system well, the history of previous issues with it, and your individual needs. You will not be stuck having the same conversation about past problems with a new company from scratch when you need a repair. Instead, you will have a company that has kept track of your system issues and understands what matters most to you without having to explain your entire situation every time.

Saving Your Energy Bill

If you have noticed an increase in your energy bill despite no increase in energy consumption, it may be because your AC is not working as efficiently as it should. By having an annual upgrade performed by one of our technicians, you can keep your AC running at optimum efficiency, and lower your energy bill.

Your AC Cinnamon Summit Experts

At Custom Air Inc., we have been committed to providing exceptional care and service to our community since we opened our doors in 1998. We know what it takes to be a great air conditioning service team, and our satisfied customers have given us a wealth of 5 star Reviews. Beyond air conditioning maintenance, we specialize in the installation, maintenance and repair of all makes and models of residential HVAC equipment. Our HVAC technicians are available for emergency service 24/7. Call us today if you need to schedule an upgrade service appointment for your AC.

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